Meydesy My name is Meydesy Sophie MARIMOOTOO, I am a painter native of Mauritius. This wonderful island located in the western Indian Ocean, in the heart of the Mascarene archipelago.

In my childhood, I was lucky to be raised by parents who were very talented
with their hands. My father was a sculptor and mason. For her part, my mother was a seamstress.

Throughout my childhood, I always wondered why I did not have the same creativity as my parents. Until today, I was wondering.

Then one day, my life totally changed. I woke up overwhelmed with artistic inspirations. I had images full of the head and the irresistible desire to materialize them on paintings while painting.

At the same time, I started to become interested in spirituality and wisdom.

I took the time to know which style I wanted to orient myself and how to materialize my inspiration. The revelation came to me naturally after participating in an internship
of spirituality . During this one, I discovered the benefits and the art of Mandala.

mandalas de meydesy

The Mandala: a revelation

Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning circle, and by extension, sphere, environment, community. Mandalas represent ritual areas used to evoke Hindu deities. Buddhism, the heir of these practices, also uses mandalas for its rituals and meditation practices.

Since that happy day, I have not stopped having artistic inspirations. I see Mandalas everywhere around me in nature .

Nature: my inspiration

Mauritius offers truly spectacular landscapes that I never tire of. It’s my little paradise and it inspires me every day more. Producing these Mandalas paintings is a way for me to offer you a little of this paradise.

Today, I invite you to discover my works and my universe. I hope that my paintings will bring you as much joy and well-being as I feel producing them. Happiness is a feeling too important not to share.

mandalas de meydesy

Finally, if you want to know more about my career or ask me questions about my works, I am at your disposal here . I would be happy to answer all your requests.